Free entry to St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Vienna PASS Benefits:

Free entry to St. Stephen’s Cathedral Treasury, Towers and Catacombs
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: €5,50 ; Child: €2,00

St Stephen’s Cathedral is one of Vienna’s most important and symbolic buildings as the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. The 14th century Romanesque and Gothic cathedral is famous for its multi-coloured tiled roof and has played a part in Viennese culture over the centuries, witnessing many important imperial and social events.


  • Treasury
  • Multi-coloured mosaic roof
  • South, north and Roman towers
  • Bells
  • High Alter

Did you know:

- The intricately tiled roof has a total of 230,000 glazed, multi-coloured tiled

- 'Pummerin', or 'boomer', is the Cathedral’s largest bell (and largest in Austria) weighing 20,130 kilograms.

- Thanks to the bells at St Stephen’s Cathedral, Ludwig van Beethoven was able to discern just how completely hard of hearing he was thanks to witnessing birds flying out of the bell tower upon the bells being run, without being able to hear them chime himself

- The cathedral has played an important part in the culture and history of Vienna: it held Antonio Vivaldi’s funeral in 1741 and was also where Mozart got married and where two of his children were baptised

Things to see:

Cathedral Treasury

The most precious objects of the cathedral treasury of St. Stephen’s are displayed in the west gallery of the cathedral. The relic treasury is said to have been founded by Duke Rudolf IV, known as “the Founder”, who also founded the University of Vienna in 1365. The exhibition also displays valuable pieces of art, including sculptures, textile arts, medieval manuscripts, panel paintings, and masterpieces of Viennese goldsmithing.

South Tower*

The south tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the highest medieval towers at nearly 137 metres. You can climb the 343 steps to the tower keeper’s room at 67 metres height. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view across Vienna’s rooftops.

*Free entry to the South Tower - save €4,50

North Tower

The north tower of the cathedral remained unfinished in the early 16th century due to the advancing troops of the Ottoman empire. Today, it houses the new Pummerin, Austria’s largest church bell, which was cast from the remains of the old Pummerin and consecrated by Cardinal Innitzer in a ceremony in 1952. The bell weighs 21,110 kg and is rung on high church holidays.


The catacombs form a rambling network of crypts below the cathedral and St. Stephen’s Square. At their heart lies the grave of Duke Rudolf IV, the Founder (+1365) in the Ducal Crypt below the high altar. To this day, Vienna’s Archbishops and the members of the cathedral chapter are buried here. Furthermore, the tour covers the 18th century underground boneyard, where more than 10,000 citizens of Vienna were buried.

Guided Tours: Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 11.30, 13.30 - 16.30, Sunday and public holidays: 13.30 - 16.30
Tours take place every 15 or 30 minutes depending on demand - see board at the stairs to the catacombs for details

*Free guided tour of the Catacombs - save €5,50

For seasonal openings for the Towers and Catacombs please refer to


St Stephen’s Cathedral has 22 bells in total; the heaviest, St Mary’s, Pummerin, weighs over 20,000kgs with a diameter of over 9ft, ringing only on special occasions and to mark the turning of a new year. The south tower holds the electrically operated bells used during masses at the cathedral and the Roman Towers hold the bells that toll for evening prayers and funerals. Most of the bells have either religious or imperial names to celebrate Austria’s rich culture and religion.


The cathedral has resplendent decoration throughout its church and chapels, as well as its exterior. Decorated in gothic and baroque style, there are multiple statues, works of art and elaborate alters to admire as you explore this church. With a total of 18 alters in the church body, it doesn’t include the other smaller alters in the adjoining chapels! Apart from the high alter, the Wiener Neustädter A is the most impressive, is made up of two triptychs that are opened according to the day and occasion. Because of the sheer size of it, when it was restored it took 10 art restorers 40,000 man hours to complete.

How to get there:

    Underground: U1, U3: Stephansplatz
    HOP ON HOP OFF: Schwedenplatz / DDSG Blue Danube

see the: full list of attractions included

St. Stephen’s Cathedral
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Cathedral Treasury
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