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Maria Theresa Exhibition 2017

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Maria Theresa:  Strategist – Mother – Reformer
15 March to 29 November 2017

Marking the tercentenary of the birth of Maria Theresa, this major exhibition will explore the life and influence of one of the most important and colourful rulers in European history.

After a turbulent period at the beginning of her reign, which lasted from 1740 to 1789, the Habsburg monarchy entered a golden age. In the fields of state administration and foreign policy, Maria Theresa took steps that led to the further development and modernization of the Monarchy. Her reign is still regarded as a time of major reforms. Thanks to her impressive tally of sixteen children and her shrewd dynastic marriage policy she went down in history as the ‘mother and mother-in-law of Europe’. With the commissioning of a major programme of remodelling for Schönbrunn Palace, she created a monument to herself which today numbers among the world’s greatest cultural heritage sites.


Imperial Furniture Collection: Family and Legacy
At the ‘Court Inspectorate of Movables’ founded by Maria Theresa in 1747, the focus will be on the imperial family, the personal fates of her children and her dynastic marriage policy as well as her glorification in later ages.

Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna: High Office and High Spirits
This section of the exhibition explores how Maria Theresa projected her image as a monarch between the conflicting demands of her identity as a woman and the ‘male’ dominion of her role as a ruler. Imposing state coaches and precious examples of clothing from that period will recreate the magnificence of imperial pomp and extravagant court celebrations.

Schloss Hof: Alliances and Enmities
At Maria Theresa’s country residence the focus will be on the difficulties she encountered on her assumption of power, as well as on wars and peace treaties, losses and gains of territory, and the monarch’s powerful will that shaped her domestic and foreign policies.
Please note: From 15 March - 29 November 2017, Vienna Pass holders will receive 20% off if they order a combination Maria Theresa cake and coffee in the Restaurant “Zum weißen Pfau" at Schloss Hof.

Schloss Niederweiden: Modernization and Reforms
In the intimate atmosphere of the hunting lodge at Niederweiden emphasis will centre on Maria Theresa’s political advisors, the economic and social conditions of the period, and her major reforms, which had a decisive and enduring effect on the state.

15 March - 29 November 2017
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15 March - 29 November 2017*
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