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Discover Vienna’s imperial palaces, cultural art galleries and fascinating museums, all included in the Vienna PASS. With over 60 top attractions to visit for free, create your own sightseeing adventure.

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  • HOP ON HOP OFF Bus Tour

    Discover Vienna from a different perspective with a HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA ...

    Gate Price € 36,00Free Entry »

  • Oberes Belvedere, Nordseite, Wien


    The Belvedere is one of the world’s most beautiful and important museums ...

    Gate Price € 22,00Free Entry »

  • Literature Museum

    Literature Museum

    Discover the incredible history of Austrian writers at the Vienna Literature ...

    Gate Price € 7.00Free Entry »

  • Schönbrunn Zoo Vienna

    Schönbrunn Zoo

    As the world’s oldest zoo, built in 1752, the Schönbrunn Zoo is well ...

    Gate Price € 21,50Free Entry »

  • Beethoven Pasqualati House

    Discover the apartment in which Ludwig van Beethoven worked in Vienna for ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Beethoven Museum Heiligenstadt

    Discover the important Viennese residence of Beethoven and charter his ...

    Gate Price € 7,00Free Entry »

  • Madame Tussauds Vienna

    Madame Tussauds

    Part of the Madame Tussauds family, this waxworks museum is a must-visit if ...

    Gate Price € 24.00Free Entry »

  • Forchtenstein Castle

    Built in the 14th century, Forchtenstein Castle is one of the most important ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Weltmuseum Wien

    Weltmuseum Wien

    The Weltmuseum Wien is one of the world’s leading ethnographical museums, ...

    Gate Price € 12.00Free Entry »

  • Spanish Riding School Vienna

    Spanish Riding School Morning Exercise

    The Spanish Riding School is a renowned institution and tradition that has ...

    Gate Price € 13,00Free Entry »

  • Esterházy Palace

    Esterházy Palace

    The baroque Esterházy Palace is one of the landmarks of Eisenstadt, the ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Dom Museum Wien

    Dom Museum Wien

    The Dom Museum Wien houses historic treasures of St. Stephen's Cathedral. ...

    Gate Price € 8.00Free Entry »

  • Burg Liechtenstein in Maria Enzersdorf

    Liechtenstein Castle

    The family seat of the Princes of Liechtenstein is a place steeped in ...

    Gate Price € 10,00Free Entry »

  • Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

    As one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Johann Strauss Apartment

    Johann Strauss lived in this apartment for seven years, in what was then a ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Art History

    One of Vienna’s most iconic contemporary art gallery both for what’s ...

    Gate Price € 16,00Free Entry »

  • Roman City Carnuntum

    Learn about Vienna’s Roman heritage through the Roman City Carnuntum where ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Papyrus Museum

    The Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library has some 300 unique ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Vienna Ring Tram

    Vienna Ring Tram

    The Vienna Ring is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majestic boulevard was ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Albertina Vienna


    Home to one of the largest and most important print rooms in the world, the ...

    Gate Price € 17,90Free Entry »

  • Schubert's Birthplace

    Explore the house in which the great composer Franz Schubert was born back ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Globe and Esperanto Museum

    The Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library is the only one of its ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Apple Strudel Show Vienna

    Apple Strudel Show

    One of Vienna’s most famous desserts is the apple strudel. Dating back to ...

    Gate Price € 6,50Free Entry »

  • Otto Wagner Pavilion (Karlsplatz)

    As one of Vienna’s most important modernist architects, Otto Wagner ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • State Hall of the Austrian National Library

    The State Hall of the Austrian National Library is one of the world's most ...

    Gate Price € 8,00Free Entry »

  • House of Music

    Set between two of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks, St Stephen’s ...

    Gate Price € 13,00Free Entry »

  • Schlumberger Cellars

    Austria’s oldest wine cellars, Schlumberger cellars, are a fascinating ...

    Gate Price € 11,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Natural History

    The Museum of Natural History is one of the most esteemed museums in Vienna. ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Otto Wagner Pavillon (Hietzing)

    Otto Wagner, one of the pioneers of the modernist urban architecture ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

    Schönbrunn Palace Grand Tour

    Deep rooted in Vienna’s imperial past, the Schönbrunn Palace is one of ...

    Gate Price € 26,50Free Entry »

  • Mozarthaus Vienna

    Learn about the musical prodigy Amadeus Mozart at this museum dedicated to ...

    Gate Price € 11,00Free Entry »

  • Schubert's Place of Death

    Explore the house in which the great composer Franz Schubert was born back ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Technology

    Come and learn about the technological advancements of the past centuries in ...

    Gate Price € 14,00Free Entry »

  • Haydn House

    Learn about the life of the celebrated composer Joseph Haydn in his Viennese ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Jewish Museum + Museum Judenplatz

    Both the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Museum Judenplatz offer visitors a ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Liliputbahn

    The Liliputbahn, built in Vienna in 1828, is a fun experience for the whole ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Sigmund Freud Museum

    Sigmund Freud Museum

    Discover the old living quarters and office of the revolutionary Sigmund ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Praterzug

    The comfortable way to explore the Prater! The Prater train is fun for the ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Museum at the Abbey of the Scots

    The Schottenstift monastery in Vienna was founded in 1155 when Henry II ...

    Gate Price € 8,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Military History

    This 19th century museum which lies in the centre of the Arsenal was ...

    Gate Price € 7,00Free Entry »

  • Danube Park Miniature Railway

    Danube Park Miniature Railway

    Sit back and relax! The round trip takes approx. 20 minutes. You can get on ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Remise Transport Museum

    As one of Vienna’s newest museums, the Remise Transport Museum of Wiener ...

    Gate Price € 8,00Free Entry »

  • Porcelain Museum in the Augarten

    Going back to 1718, the first ever Viennese porcelain factory was founded in ...

    Gate Price € 7,00Free Entry »

  • Hofburg Imperial Palace

    Hofburg Imperial Palace

    The Hofburg Palace is a must-see when visiting Vienna. The power-house of ...

    Gate Price € 15,00Free Entry »

  • Prater Museum

    A great one for a family day out the Prater amusement park is home to the ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Collection of Anatomical Pathology in the Madhouse Tower Vienna

    Collection of Anatomical Pathology

    The Collection of Anatomical Pathology in the Madhouse Tower at the ...

    Gate Price € 4,00Free Entry »

  • Visitor World - Vienna Airport

    Before you leave Vienna experience the world of aviation as you’ve never ...

    Gate Price € 5,00Free Entry »

  • Guided Walking Tour: Introducing Vienna 

    Get involved with Vienna’s rich and colourful past on a unique guided ...

    Gate Price € 25,00Free Entry »

  • Schloss Hof Estate and Schloss Neiderweiden

    An hour’s drive outside Vienna, Palace Schloss Hof is another of ...

    Gate Price € 19,00Free Entry »

  • Leopold Museum Vienna

    Leopold Museum

    The Leopold Museum houses one of the most important collections of early ...

    Gate Price € 14,00Free Entry »

  • City Cruises Vienna

    See the modern and historic sides of Vienna on a city cruise with the ...

    Gate Price € 24,00Free Entry »

  • Imperial Burial Vault

    Since 1633, 149 members of the House of Habsburg have found their final ...

    Gate Price € 7,50Free Entry »

  • Imperial Carriage Museum

    Imperial Carriage Museum

    Free entry to the Imperial Carriage Museum

    Gate Price € 9.50Free Entry »

  • Belvedere 21

    Belvedere 21

    Belvedere 21 is a place of artistic production, reception and reflection.

    Gate Price € 8,00Free Entry »

  • Imperial Treasury Vienna

    Displaying the crown jewels of Hofburg Palace, the Imperial Treasury is one ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Kunst Haus - Hundertwasser Museum

    One of Vienna’s most iconic contemporary art gallery both for what’s ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Klosterneuburg Monastery

    Klosterneuburg Monastery

    Just outside Vienna, visitors can enjoy the historic and cultural ...

    Gate Price € 11,00Free Entry »

  • Guided Tour of the UN Headquarters

    As one of the four United Nations in the world, Vienna’s headquarters ...

    Gate Price € 15,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Modern Art - mumok

    Mumok is Vienna’s finest modern and contemporary art museum featuring ...

    Gate Price € 13,00Free Entry »

  • Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna

    Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna

    One of Vienna’s most popular art galleries and museums, Bank Austria ...

    Gate Price € 11,00Free Entry »

  • Hofmobiliendepot ∙ Imperial Furniture Collection

    The Imperial Furniture Collection is considered to house one of the most ...

    Gate Price € 10,50Free Entry »

  • Kunsthalle Wien

    Kunsthalle Wien is an exhibition space for international contemporary art ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • Museum of Applied Arts - MAK

    MAK - Museum of Applied Arts

    Vienna is home to some world class contemporary art and art galleries and ...

    Gate Price € 14,00Free Entry »

  • Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

    As one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel ...

    Gate Price € 12,00Free Entry »

  • WestLicht Museum for photography

    Dedicated to photography and cameras, the Westlicht. Center for photography ...

    Gate Price € 8,00Free Entry »