Ode to Music - Vienna celebrates Beethoven!

Ludwig van Beethoven is considered the most-played classic composer. He was a radical artist who throughout his life kept reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries of music. He is an inspiration for people around the world to this day. For 35 years, Vienna was Beethoven‘s home, the place where he created some of his greatest works, and his source of inspiration.

Use this opportunity to trace Beethoven‘s footsteps – your Vienna PASS includes free admission to many Beethoven exhibitions.

Happy Birthday, Beethoven!

Wien Holding celebrates this anniversary year of the exceptional artist Ludwig van Beethoven in the „House of Music“ and „Mozart House Vienna“ with spectacular special exhibitions.

House of Music

Tracing Beethoven’s musical footsteps

The interactive sound museum House of Music is not only celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, it is also organising a wide range of events, exhibitions and activities to honour the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven in this anniversary year.

The Beethoven room on the 3rd floor – dedicated to the great composers – is dedicated to his life and work and shows unique exhibits, including life and a death mask, autographs, and Fidelio stage designs, year-round.

Classical concerts and special exhibitions, all connected by the Beethoven path, which guides visitors through the entire museum – a musical experience for the whole family.

From 20 April to September, Hungarian sculptor Prof. Marton Barabas will exhibit his sculptures made from parts of old pianos in the courtyard of the museum. From October, the special exhibition “Bernstein’s Beethoven” will be shown in the courtyard. It is dedicated to the famous US conductor and his interpretation of the musical legacy of Ludwig van Beethoven.

From June to August, the interactive sound installation “Inside Beethoven!” combines unique stage design with light and sound design to provide an unforgettable sound experience. Visitors enter a room that has been set up as a stage and can take the role of the conductor or any of the musicians to experience music up close.

Mozarthaus Vienna

“The Triad of the First Viennese School: Haydn – Mozart – Beethoven. Commonalities, parallels, contrasts.”

Mozarthaus Vienna dedicates an exhibition to three great masters of classical music: Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. These exceptional artists were not only contemporaries (1732-1827), they are the three composers who shaped the musical era of the “First Viennese School”.

The special exhibition traces the influence of the three great composers on Viennese Classicism and their personal relationships. For example, Mozart and Haydn shared a close friendship and played music together in Mozart’s Domgasse flat, Beethoven, who was a student of Haydn’s, would have liked to study with Mozart.

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Beethoven Museum
The site of Beethoven’s darkest hours: He came to Heiligenstadt seeking a cure or an improvement to his hearing impairment. His large ear trumpet will be exhibited at the Beethoven Museum in spring 2020.

Beethoven Pasqualati House
Beethoven lived in this house on Mölkerbastei for eight years, with some interruptions. Here, he worked on his opera “Fidelio” and wrote a piece that is short but well known among pianists - "Für Elise".

Austrian National Library
Beethoven. World of the Man and Spark of the Gods
The Austrian National Library is showing original letters and manuscripts of some of Beethoven’s greatest works in the State Hall.

19 December 2019 – 19 April 2020

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Beethoven moves
Music not just for the ears but the eyes: The exhibition at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien shows 120 masterworks by artists like paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, graphic works by Goya, sculptures by Rodin, and performative sculptures by Tino Sehgal.

25 March – 5 July 2020

Visitors can also see several original instruments in the Collection of Historic Instruments and a bust and two famous Beethoven portraits in the magnificent Marble Hall of the museum.

Leopold Museum

Inspiration Beethoven. A Symphony in Pictures from Vienna 1900

The exhibition looks at the way the artists of the Vienna Secession around 1900 venerated Beethoven. This is exemplified in the Viennese Art Nouveau painter and colleague of Klimt’s Josef Maria Auchentaller, who drew inspiration from Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, the “Pastoral”, to create the full-wall panels for the music room of jeweler Georg Adam Scheid.

30 May – 21 September 2020